Carly Wilford “The Awakening” out on 20th January 2023

Soundtracking the parties that get increasingly hazy over time, ‘The Awakening’ sees Carly Wilford put out a banging, late-night-meets-early-morning house anthem. Already road-tested at Ministry of Sound and Glastonbury, this track is designed to keep clubbers going beyond the break of dawn.

“Sunsets and sunrises have come to define some of our most memorable nights out, from watching sunset sets with the artists we love to leaving a club as the sun comes up before heading to the afterparties,” Carly Wilford says. “’The Awakening’ embodies those transcendental moments when you’re somewhere between being wide awake and drifting into another reality, either deep in the rave at 5 a.m. or lying in bed as the sun starts to break through the gap in the curtains. This track is for the ravers, for the nights where the music talks more sense than anything else and for the mornings that bring the answers.”