Dimitri from Paris for Eurocrats “Black Hole Bass EP”

€urocrats – Black Hole Bass EP
Eurocrats is Dimitri from Paris’ collaboration with Belgian producer Vito DeLuca of Aeroplane.
“We might as well have found these tracks on a cassette, in a yard sale somewhere out of Chicago’s South Side, but we didn’t. Here’s Eurocrats ode to primal house and their second outing on Aeropop. Black Hole Bass comes with a 606 and a 909 version, because, why not? The 606 version, complete with bongos and vocal chops is sexy as fuck, while the 909 take is what it says on the tin, with squeaky acid and endless snare fills for those peak moments. Both come with an already classic vocal, warning you that “once it goes black, you never go back… ”
Remix comes from good looking Chilean hero Alejandro Paz from Comeme, who sends the track into warehouse territory with his signature sound that we love. Isn’t that awesome? It is.”

Out on February 10 on Aeropop.