DOME Theatre (360 Digital entertainment complex)

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May 2015 – Lightning In A Bottle, Bradeley/California (USA)
October 2015 – Voodoo Festival, New Orleans/Nevada (USA)
July 2016 – Panorama Festival, Randall’s Island/New York (USA)
August 2016 – Boom Festival, Portugal
August-September 2016 – Burning Man Festival, Black Rock City/Nevada (USA)
August-September 2016 – Symbiosis Festival, California (USA)
April 2017 – Coachella, California (USA) as part of a private party
May 2017 – Lightning In A Bottle, Bradely/California (USA)
July 2017 – Panorama Festival, Randall’s Island/New York (USA)
For available dates get in touch with:
Mona Rennalls
phone/whatsapp: +34/647 44 65 08

What is 360 DOME?
Imagining it is complex.
Using it is simple.
Delivering it is revolutionary.

360 DOME theatre is a new format of seeing and showing things, where a 360 VR immersive experience is not individualised but actually a shared, social activity.
360 DOME Show by Damian Force is a new format of dj shows, where visuals are combined with musical components. The effect of a full immersion of the music shows in a 360 3D-format can be enjoyed without any special 3D-designed glasses.
Despite of the show, the format of the 360 DOME allows different types of using the construction. The 360 DOME can serve as additional stage without producing any additional expenses of decorations; as a lounge are or even replace an entire venue.
Our projection system allows creating projection both – inside the 360 DOME and outside -, thereby full-fledged video decoration during the event.
A basic show by Damian Force includes the music show, 360 video animation including sound reaction video. The duration of a basic show is 1 hour. There are different types of basic shows available, depending of the desired music genre, different music policy and video show. During the remaining time of the event the 360 DOME works in its usual mode of 360 3D-format video projection.
The 360 DOME is available in different sizes with different capacity 250, 700, 1200 persons. We also provide the 360 DOME in customized sizes according to your needs.