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Louie DeVito Biography

Club-goers and dance music fans in the New York Metro area know him and flock to hear his sets. He’s been a staple in the NY/NJ club scene going on 20 years. For a DJ-Producer, that’s a lifetime. But for Louie DeVito, it is simply his life.

On any given weekend night, he can be found playing sets to packed rooms, wall-to-wall bodies writhing on the dance floor. That is when DeVito is his happiest. “I love feeling the vibe of the room,” he explains. Big or small, domestic or international, he loves them all. “I’ve played rooms of 350 to rooms of thousands. Playing good music, reading the crowd, giving them what they want – that’s what it’s all about.”

That ideology of “giving them what they want” has made him seem like a “sellout” to some of his fellow DJs. His compilation “N.Y.C. Underground Party,” released on his own independent label Elastik, has sold more than 500,000 copies to date – enough to land him in the Guinness Book of World Records for all-time best-selling DJ mix compilation. Ironically, there’s nothing “underground” about the mix. DeVito admits this himself, laughing about it. “For the hardcore, serious clubber, there is nothing ‘underground’ about it. But it depends on who you’re asking. For the average mainstream clubber, it’s very underground – no dance remixes of pop hits here.”

DeVito’s bread and butter comes from catering to a crowd craving an indulgent blend of radio-friendly club smashes. Big dance anthems with soaring vocals and huge stadium-sizes synths and riffs, with the requisite massive build-up and break. “This big room sound is what I’m into playing these days,” he says. “It’s extremely popular. It also sounds good on any and every sound system. I want to see hands in the air, people dancing and going crazy. This sound makes it happen.”

DeVito recently released a remix of Sweet Rains feat. Reina “Forever” on indie label Lafayette Street Records. “Reina’s big vocals on this track leant itself to a big-room, anthemic remix. I worked with my partner Alessandro Calemme. I’m proud of this remix and love the response it gets.”

DeVito’s weekly podcast iluvhouse is currently getting thousands of downloads weekly and is in the Top 50 on iTunes in the genre.

What does the future hold for Louie DeVito? More remixes, more production, and, as always, keeping crowds dancing.
• N.Y.C. Underground Party Vol. 3 (Elastik) – sold more than 500,000 copies to date (Biggest selling DJ driven CD ever)
• Mixed Ultra Dance 4, Ultras biggest selling CD to date
• Has sold over 2 million CD’s